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I was convinced that I couldn't run, not even

for a bus! However, I was persuaded to join a

beginners running group and it turns out that I can.

If I can, then anyone can! I particularly like trail running but spend as much time training on the roads. As part of the Rugby Core Team you

can find me at parkrun most Saturdays

as anything from Run Director to Tail Walker!

UKA Coach in Running Fitness (Trail)
UKA Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF)
UKA Coaching Assistant

BSc (Hons) Health Studies

L3 Learning and Development

L3 Forest School Leader

Outdoor First Aid

D B S Enhanced Certificated

I began running about 4 years ago in a local running group and made the same ‘rookie’ mistakes that most people do, in that I wanted to sprint before I’d learned to run. However, I took onboard my errors and built up gradually, finishing some 5km and 10km runs in 2016/7, vowing never to want to reach a Half Marathon or beyond. Hmmm!

Having had a nasty sprain injury in 2017, I had to take a back seat from running for over a year (much of which was down to my own reluctance to get help! Thank you Laura @ LMC Physio), but I’ve now regained most of my previous running fitness level and have since completed a couple of Half Marathons with at least one more long race booked in for 2019.

I regularly volunteer at Rugby parkrun, invariably with a camera in my hands, which I thoroughly enjoy.

Having this qualification will mean I can pass on my enthusiasm for running to others and start them on their own running journeys.

UKA Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF)

D B S Enhanced Certificated

First Aid Course trained

Vicky is a recent member of our coaching and leadership team. As a fully-qualified paramedic and avid Wolf Runner, she is a great addition to the group, assisting us with the new sector of trail running for Step It Up.

Vicky is more than happy at events up to

and including 10km

UKA Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF)

D B S Enhanced Certificated


Mel is our latest member of our coaching and leadership team.

UKA Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF)

D B S Enhanced Certificated

It’s simple, I’m addicted to running, I certainly didn’t start out this way, in fact I used to say I didn’t have the build for running and actively avoided it.

When my local gym had to close the pool to repair the roof, I needed to find another way to get my exercise in the morning, at the same time I convinced a friend to come and give park run a go with me.

After that first run walk 5k, I was hooked. I got out a few times each week, doing 30 mins of run walk & soon developed the stamina for a full 5k

I joined SIU because I saw that they did Adventure Runs which sounded like great fun and after my first session, I knew this was a club I’d enjoy being part of.

At SIU everyone is encouraged to do their individual best but we stay together as a group, supporting one and other, no one is ever left behind, or made/allowed to feel that their best isn’t good enough.

Hope you’ll join us on the trails soon, after all, what’s stopping you.

UKA Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF)

D B S Enhanced (application pending)